Publisher: Farrell
Publication Dates: August 1952 – October-November 1954
Number of Issues Published: 14 (#2 [1] – #14)
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Golden Age US
Paper Stock: newsprint interior; glossy cover
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing series
Publication Type: magazine

Series renumbered after the first issue, hence there are two #2s.

There are variants for issue #9, December 1953. The original and correct edition has Iger studios art and an early story ‘Hair Yee-eeee’ illustrated by Steve Ditko, as indexed by GCD. Variants for this issue utilize the original cover, with either a coverless Black Cat, Boys’ Ranch or a war comic as contents and are thought to be later. Other variations may exist.

Information thanks to the Grand Comic Database

Strange Fantasy is a 36-page, 10 cent, bi-monthly, anthology horror comics title published by Ajax-Farrell in the early 1950s. Its initial issue cover dates October 1952 and its last issue October/November 1954, for a total of 13 issues. Comic book jungle girl Rulah (called Pulah in the book) makes an appearance in issue 3 and a bondage cover graces issue 13. Artists on the title include writer Bruce Hamilton and penciller, inker, and cover artist Steve Ditko. Strange Fantasy was formerly Rocketman (with one issue) and picked up where Rocketman ceased publication. Strange Fantasy is then numbered 2-14 rather than 1-13. The title left newsstands in 1954, the victim of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency. Copies in Near Mint condition command prices in the hundreds of dollars


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  1. nachtschreck says:

    Beautiful cover art. Thanks for sharing this series.


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